About Us

The Company
Food Process Engineering designs and specifies equipment and systems for the food industry.
With over thirty years of industry experience, our staff are able to provide engineering solutions for projects ranging from single items of equipment through to fully automated turn-key plant.
Our Vision
Food Process Engineering will provide superior problem solving and proven designs to the users of food processing and materials handling equipment.
Our Ethic
On accepting instructions, our price, quality and performance are firm.
Our Key Philosophies
Food Process Engineering is committed to providing a service, which is industry best practice for quality and reliability.
Food Process Engineering seek to forge close working relationships with clients in order to ensure client agreement with the scope, progress and end results of our engagement.
Food Process Engineering is committed to advancing technology where such advance delivers a better outcome for our client!
…Adherence to these core philosophies has led to our personnel enjoying the highest regard within the industry and a solid reputation amongst some of Australia’s best known companies.
The Australian Advantage
For our local clients:
Being locally based allows our clients to communicate directly with our staff allowing immediate access to their experience, skills and knowledge of the industry and it’s governing standards.
For our international clients:
Factors such as a very favourable exchange rate, a stable social and political environment and Australia’s increasing reputation for ‘clean and green’, along with the opportunities provided by electronic communication mediums, enhance our experience and expertise and affords our international clients a service second to none.
The Importance Of Independence
We are not "locked in" to adopting standards designed for an average world market. This ensures that the most suitable technology, components and methods are utilized to provide optimum solutions.
Service Range
Throughout our engagement we work with our clients to provide the services which best meet their requirements. These services are broadly encompassed by the following categories:
  • Project Consulting and Design
  • Mechanical and Electrical design
  • Project Management
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Design software support
  • Sourcing stainless steel fabrication and equipment manufacture to the highest standards.